The world's first

·ntelligent public blockchain focusing on
interactive behavior data management system.

·It builds a system of machine deep learning
and autonomous matrix.


OMA CHAIN, or Oasis Management Architecture, is the world's first intelligent public blockchain focusing on interactive behavior data management system. It builds a system of machine deep learning and autonomous matrix. OMA CHAIN is essentially a shared database, in which data or information is stored, with the characteristics of "deep learning", "non-forgery", "whole-process trace", "traceability", "open and transparent", and "collective maintenance". Based on these characteristics, OMA CHAIN, a true oasis public blockchain, has laid a solid foundation of "trust", created a reliable "cooperation" mechanism, and has broad prospects for ecological application.

Features of standardized block chain technology
Decentralization Openness Autonomy Anonymity No tampering for information
Ai-involved, the database to support the multi-industry classification

OMA CHAIN perfectly combines blockchain and artificial intelligence to create a more efficient and trusted network of AI blockchains that can host different databases. It will allow AI agents to communicate with each other by creating application programming interfaces of different classes in the blockchain.

referential support for Token of cultural industry data

Nitially, OMA CHAIN will open such a data market for digital rights, cultural and entertainment industries, develop and provide the API on the artificial intelligence chain, get through the industrial data value flow。

Ecological application scenarios
Content distribution platform based on OMA CHAIN

Users can create text, pictures, videos and other contents in the community and publish them on the platform independently. The specific distribution information and costs are open, transparent and cannot be tampered with, thus ensuring the fairness and rationality of content distribution.

Taking the digital advertising industry as an example

With the arrival of the global digital era, the traditional publishing industry has shifted from paper to digital media, and the block chain technology will bring the following major changes to the current digital copyright market

Investment and incubation of cultural industry IP

OMA CHAIN will cooperate with the world's top entertainment IP to select the influential individual IP, aiming to confirm the right of each IP cultural digital asset, realize the digitalization, capitalization and securitization of IP, and build the world's largest entertainment blockchain service platform.

Implementation of blockchain scenarios in other traditional industries

As a complete set of intelligent super public chain, OMA CHAIN can achieve rapid development in many industries.

Technical architecture

Data player

The block data of OMA CHAIN is stored in a CHAIN structure, and all blocks have pointer references of the previous block to ensure that the data is not tampered with.

Network layer

OMA CHAIN blocks allow interconnectivity between nodes on the Intranet by punching holes through them. The authenticated node is used as the connection bridge to help the node behind the NAT shake hands and complete the connection.

Onsensus layer

OMA CHAIN adopts the interactive consensus algorithm of POI(Proof of Interaction) with fair incentives. POI is an elegant solution to public chain consensus mechanism.

Ncentive layer

Because the POI consensus mechanism adopted by OMA CHAIN block chain has little impact on the performance of the number of nodes。

Ontract layer

In order to provide a better intelligent contract platform and support the development and operation of large-scale enterprise-level Dapp, OMA CHAIN intelligent contract system proposes multi-language support, standard library and other improvements under the existing technical architecture framework.

Application layer

In the early stage, OMA CHAIN will provide common application protocols at the bottom level to develop different implementation projects and make blockchain accessible to the public as soon as possible.

Cooperation partners
Road Map
OMA project preparatory team was established in Singapore
The project officially launched OMA public chain research and development center in silicon valley
OMA officially launched the incubation ecological project plan to incubate the world's top projects
March 2020
White paper 1.0 will be released
April 2020
OMA will implement the block chain application and integrate the block chain with the cultural industry
October 2020
OMA public chain will complete the project private test
February 2021
OMA will launch and complete public beta with the release of white paper 2.0
May 2021
OMA public chain will start the node and plan to recruit the first batch of ecological nodes
August 2021
OMA will launch its main network
June 2022
OMA will achieve multiple goals, including the implementation of blockchain content distribution platform, digital advertising service system and copyright registration system
December 2022
OMA will have more than 50 ecological partners

OMA foundation

OMA CHAIN foundation is a permanent management organization organized by OMA CHAIN project founding team and registered in Singapore. As an independent non-profit entity, OMA CHAIN foundation is responsible to the OMA CHAIN community with the primary goal of promoting and developing OMA CHAIN ecology.